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quality assurance

The Krishna Group Quality Assurance

The Krishna Group has always been committed to delivering high-quality products. Our flour milling division has been in existence for almost a century now, a legacy we attribute to delivering quality and value to our customers.

Our Retail division has always delivered products and services that abide by the quality and ethical standards of Titan Industries Ltd. we at The Krishna group always abide by our quality and rich legacy.

FSSAI certification
ISO Certification
Swiss technology

Our quality lab has an extensive range of instruments and personnel to test various parameters ranging from testing incoming wheat quality to baking apparatus to bake-test our products. We bake various products such as bread, buns, puffs, chapatis and parottas using each batch of flour we produce to ensure that only the very highest quality products reach our customers.

Parotta testing
Bun testing
Bun testing
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