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90 years of The Krishna Group
90 years of The Krishna Group
Loved by customers for over 90 years
The Krishna Group

Our Krishan Chiroti Rawa is synonymous with Rawa in the state of Karnataka. So when customers in Karnataka want to buy Rawa they ask for "Krishna Rawa" . Hence we are much loved among caterers, households for delivering the finest quality Rawa.

We are proud to count to among our customers the following great brands

Cargill logo
LJ Iyengar Bakery

We sell our products everyday to over 100 dealers/distributors and more than 1800 kirana stores/bakeries every day.


Some of Bangalore's iconic and heritage bakeries/hotels such as O.G.Variar & Sons, New Krishna Bhavan and many more have been buying our products for over 50 years - a testament to our quality.

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